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Professional Snowboarder

Forrest Shearer

Salt Lake City, UT

For Professional Snowboarder and CLIF Bar Athlete Forrest Shearer, the equation is simple: "The more time I spend in the mountains, the more I want to protect them as places I love," He discovered this fundamental theorem through the physical intuition of split-boarding- using a snowboard that can physically split lengthwise, worn like cross country skis to move on snow under human power, then reassembled for a fixed-stance snowboard descent. "I think it comes naturally; having an open mind and rethinking the way you do things, having less of an impact on your surroundings."

Concerned by both the short- and long- term consequences of the global climate crisis, Forrest uses the immediate observable consequence of diminished snow pack as a focal point for rallying the snow sports community both at home in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, and around the world. "Right now, I'm supporting POW (Protect our Winters) Rider's Alliance - a community of professional athletes committed to environmental leadership and helping inspire and motivate others to make a difference. Large scale systemic change around climate action and environmental policy should be non-partisan. Protecting our world today and for our future generations is our common ground." We can all commit to that.

Using sport to reach the next-generation activist is nothing new to Forrest, who is involved with a variety of outreach efforts, including 1% Percent for the Planet, Winter Wildlands Alliance, B Corporation.

My career highlights:

Working with production houses such as Teton Gravity Research, Sweetgrass Films, Absinthe Films, and countless publications worldwide.

Words to describe me:

Professional Snowboarder, Splitboarder, Surfer, Patagonia Ambassador, Jones Snowboards team rider, Environmental activist, Adventurer, Health nut, Climber, Biker, Skateboarder, Writer, Designer, CLIF Bar product guinea pig, and Interpreter of the rad!