Professional Snowboarder

Forrest Shearer

Salt Lake City, UT

Forrest Shearer is as pure as they get when it comes to snowboarding. Watch him ride and you’d think he was chosen for it; a natural with abilities that one can only be born with. He certainly defies gravity (and sometimes reason) while sailing through the air and shredding in the backcountry. When asked about his passion for riding Forrest says, "while the fire in most people's souls is a burning ember, mine is a blazing torch!"

Forrest is passionate about the mountains and the planet, and it shows. You can find him lobbying on Capitol Hill to raise awareness for Climate Change with Protect Our Winters and protecting wilderness areas and the places we play as a Winter Wildlands Alliance Ambassador.

My career highlights:

Working with production houses such as Teton Gravity Research, Sweetgrass Films, Absinthe Films, and countless publications worldwide.

Words to describe me:

Professional Snowboarder, Splitboarder, Surfer, Patagonia Ambassador, Jones Snowboards team rider, Environmental activist, Adventurer, Health nut, Climber, Biker, Skateboarder, Writer, Designer, CLIF Bar product guini pig, and Interpreter of the rad!