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CLIF Pro Team Athlete

Katerina Nash

Emeryville, CA

Katerina was one of the first women signed to the LUNA Pro Team back in 2002 and the only original member of the team still racing. Originally from the Czech Republic, Katerina moved to the U.S. in 2000 on a college scholarship for cross-country ski racing. A five-time Olympian(!) – first competing in the mountain bike race at the Atlanta Games in 1996 at age 17, and most recently in Rio at age 38 – Katerina has proven to be among the world’s most versatile and enduring athletes, showing the world that women can remain competitive at the highest levels into their forties.

On My Day Off:

Coffee, long dog hike, more coffee, trip to dog beach to sit in the sun and watch my dogs play, go out to dinner, wine.

Why Biking:

It’s a great way to live life. People dream about riding bikes and can’t wait for the weekend. I get to ride my bike every day. I like that my sport happens outside and it takes me places. I never spent time in a gym. I’m always outside. I also like that racing is always different because courses and conditions are always diverse. It keeps me interested and with its evolving nature I have to keep learning and working at it.

Katerina by the Numbers

Olympian (Summer and Winter)
UCI World Cup Cyclocross Wins
Broken Ribs in One Race