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Elite-Amateur CLIF Cycling Team

Team CLIF Bar Cycling

Northern California

Team CLIF Bar Cycling is an elite-amateur cycling team with a primary focus on North American criterium racing. Over the past 15 years the team has developed a unique culture of camaraderie, working with riders & sponsors that fit well with the program and understand the bike is bigger than just racing. The team prioritizes storytelling, interacting with fans and leaving a positive impression wherever it goes.

Top results are great, but they aren’t the top priority. Team CLIF Bar Cycling is doing its best to do good for the sport and spread the love of the bike everywhere it goes.

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Team Clif Bar by the Numbers

2019 USA CRITS Best Overall Team
2019 USA CRITS Sun City Crit, El Paso, TX
& 2nd 2018 USA CRITS Lap Leader Competition