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Score Big with Nutrition

Whether they’re running, throwing, jumping, kicking or climbing, your young athlete uses a lot of energy. That’s why CLIF Kid is here with nutritious and delicious snacks made with only the good stuff—and none of the bad stuff. So, let your kid play away, and we’ll make sure they stay fit, fueled, and fired up, all season long.

Three Important Nutrients all Young Athletes Should be Eating

While all vitamins and minerals are important, certain ones are critical to healthy growth and development, particularly in active, athletic children. Pediatric dietitian and nutritionist Jill Castle reviews the three important micronutrients young athletes should be getting in their diet routinely.
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Eating for Sport: 5 Ways Nutrition Affects your Kid's Soccer Performance

Nutrition and eating affects the young soccer player’s athletic performance. Pediatric dietitian and nutritionist Jill Castle details five ways nutrition affects sports performance in young athletes, on and off the field.
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Five Pre-Race Snacks for Sustained Energy

When choosing an energizing snack for young athletes, pick foods that include nutrients, such as carbs and protein, eaten an hour before competition. Here are a few suggestions ...
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Four Ways to Punch Up the Protein for your Young Athlete

Protein is a big deal, not just for building strong bodies, but for regulating a young athlete’s appetite as well. Clif Kid has four simple tips to help young athletes reap the rewards from protein.
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Winning Over Picky Eaters

How do you make sure your soccer player is eating nutritious food, especially if they tend to be a picky eater? Mom, dietitian, and nutrition expert Abby Langer has great advice about how to help selective kids learn to like new foods.
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How to Start Young with Healthy Food Choices

Making good choices about food is important every day, not just on game day. Mom, dietitian, and nutrition expert Abby Langer has great advice about how to help kids develop healthy eating habits and attitudes.
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Have Snacks, Will Travel

It’s easy to resort to fast food when you're hitting the road with kids in tow. But don’t give up on nutritious snacks—not even during tournament season!
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Game Day Nutrition

While playing soccer can look effortless as young athletes race up and down the field, it actually takes a great deal of energy to maintain endurance from start to finish. Here are some helpful nutrition tips that will keep your player fit, fueled, and fired up.
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