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Let's Move the World

Let’s explore the world. Let’s lead it, lift it up, chase it and change it. CLIF keeps you fueled with a range of products that supply you the energy to keep moving — and move the world.

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Find Your Energy

We all move the world in different ways and CLIF makes the perfect fuel to give you the energy to move in any situation.

Move and the World Moves with You

Taking on the world takes energy. So whether you’re running a race or chasing your dreams, we’re here to fuel you with purposely crafted, plant-based products that give you the energy to keep moving. Because when you move, the world moves with you.

Advocating the Move for Equality

Professional tennis player and CLIF Bar athlete Venus Williams moves the world as she stands up and speaks out for equal prize money in female sports. “You have nothing to lose when you’re right.”

Let's Move Together

Outdoor Afro is a unique movement led by everyday people who help Black people in their community get outside and on trails so they can embrace the joy of being outdoors.

No Limits to Moving the World

CLIF athlete Daniel Romanchuk pushed “You can’t” to the curb years ago. He moves the world his way as well as inspires athletes with physical disabilities by proving, “You can.”