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Giving You the Energy to Do Big Things

Clif product assortment with ingredients

You’re not sitting on the sidelines. You’re on the move. And your food should be an ally for your active life, giving you the energy you need to climb it, finish it, prove it, accomplish it. You deserve great-tasting food that helps you be your best self.

We've Got a Bar for That

Food isn’t one size fits all. You need—no, you deserve—great-tasting food that nourishes all your adventures, the epic and the everyday. So when we get in the kitchen, we start with you –with your run, your recess, your errands. Each one of our recipes is thoughtfully made to deliver nutrition for that moment so you’ll have the energy you need to see you through.

Good to Go

They fit perfectly in backpacks and lunchboxes, in purses and pockets. No matter who you are or where you’re going, our foods are designed to go with you, because we never stop asking ourselves how we can meet you where you’re going.

Nutrition is the Foundation

Ask any athlete—a solid nutrition plan is essential to success. No matter who you are, your food deserves the same focus, attention, and care. That’s why our foods are grounded in the latest nutrition insights supported by the Clif Nutrition Advisory Council and our in-house nutrition development specialist, Jessica Chon (RD, CSSD).
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