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With over one billion pounds of organic ingredients used so far, we’re here to champion the power of organic, sustainable food. 
Because what's good for the planet and our farmers, is good for all of us.

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There’s fruity smoothie filling inside!

The first organic energy bar inspired by classic smoothie ingredients like fruit, nut butters, and seeds, CLIF® Fruit Smoothie Filled Energy Bars are crafted to deliver sustained energy. Choose from three tempting flavors, each made with USDA organic and non-GMO ingredients, along with fruity smoothie filling that’s so satisfying we bet you can’t wait to get to the good stuff.

Our Values

Organic for Good

We’ve learned along the journey that organic can be a catalyst for good. It’s fundamental to creating a healthier, more just and sustainable food system.

The Business with Purpose Scholarship

Clif Bar is a different kind of company, so this is a different kind of scholarship — one that is designed to ease the financial burden of student debt and encourage tomorrow's business leaders to prioritize purpose in their future careers.

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