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Someday Is Now

join the storm.

LUNA® women have it going on.
We’re smart and sporty. Fierce and funny.
We’re as comfortable in the corner office as we are on any field, track or trail.
We’re not satisfied hoping for change. We are the change.

At LUNA, we have always nourished equality.
From leveling the playing field for the defending World Champions in France 2019 to helping women have a voice across the world.
Because we won’t wait for equality. We bring it.

Someday has come. Help us fuel the storm.

Someday is now.

what's your someday?


what's your someday?

Come on, let’s get this conversation going. Select from the words and backgrounds on the next screen. Then share with your tribe – and frankly, the world.

Equality can’t wait for someday #somedayisnow

Create Your Own

Someday we’ll grab life by the nutz over chocolate.
Someday is Now®.

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Someday Is Now®.

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Someday A Woman’s Goal Will Be Worth As Much As A Man’s

How LUNA® closed the World Cup roster bonus pay gap for the 2019 Soccer World Champions.

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Soccer Star Christen Press on Preparing For Negotiations

Learn how to have fun fighting for what you deserve.

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Powerful Women Athletes Send A Message: #SOMEDAYISNOW

Join these fierce women in a movement to fuel change. Not tomorrow, today.