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18 Best Travel Snacks for Your Next Trip

By Ginger Hultin, MS, RDN, integrative nutrition expert, cookbook author, and consultant dietitian who works with Clif Bar & Company.

The ideas and suggestions written below are provided for general educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or care. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before beginning any physical fitness or health- and nutrition-related activity.

Don’t find yourself stuck without a snack the next time you’re traveling! Instead, choose foods with nutrition parameters that keep you satisfied while you’re on the go. Enjoyment is important, too. Make sure you are carrying snacks that are not only nutritious but also delicious for when cravings strike.

Bringing snacks with you on your next road trip or flight can make or break your travel experience. There’s also a difference between a good travel snack and one that could get easily damaged, become spoiled, or doesn’t provide the nutrition and energy you need for the trip ahead.

Purse packed with passports and LUNA Bars

Key Components of a Travel Snack

When you’re getting ready for a trip, be sure to plan your snacks as part of your preparation. The next time you’re feeling hungry mid-flight, you’ll be happy you thought ahead! Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you prepare your snack plan:

Packs Easily

A good travel snack holds up to being packed in a purse, backpack, or suitcase. You may need to consider protecting your snack with some simple packaging like a small, portable, and packable container (think crackers or fruit that you don’t want to get smashed), but generally, they should be able to hold up to being tossed around. You’ll also want them to be easily accessible so you can grab them for a quick boost when you’re waiting for a flight or train or you’re stuck in traffic on the way to your hotel.

No Refrigeration

Focus on shelf-stable, plant-based snacks that will keep even if you experience unexpected travel delays. Don’t risk getting sick on your trip because you didn’t pack the type of snacks that hold up without refrigeration.

Better-for-You Nutrition

A good-quality snack will keep you satisfied and energized. Look for snacks with 100-250 calories to give you some between-meal energy. Even better if your snack contains protein and fiber! Focus on quality ingredients too like plant-based protein and whole grains. And be sure to read labels for snacks that fit your dietary needs. LUNA® bar is gluten-free, 190-210 calories, and contains 2-4g of fiber (9-16% DV) and 7-9g of protein per bar — making it a great travel snack that checks all the boxes!


Snacks shouldn’t be boring. Make sure you’ve got foods you look forward to eating at snack time. Seek out snacks with crave-worthy flavors and textures that truly taste amazing. Being able to look forward to a delicious snack you’re going to enjoy eating is sometimes the best part of the snacking experience.

Types of Travel Snacks

If you’re on a plane, road trip, or cross-country train ride, you’ll need to pack a variety of snacks to suit every need and mood along the way. Here are some options that offer flavors and textures you’ll never grow bored of:

Sweet Snacks

Look for better-for-you, balanced snacks to curb your sweet tooth.

  • LUNA bar in a tart flavor like LemonZest® Flavor for when a fruity craving strikes or Chocolate Peppermint Stick or Nutz Over Chocolate to satisfy a desire for chocolate.
  • A piece of fruit like an apple, orange, or banana. These are classic grab-and-go foods that come in their own packaging.
  • Individual-sized applesauce or fruit-puree pouches — bonus if you can find one with chia seeds or oats for extra fiber!
  • Half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole-wheat bread (pack this somewhere where it won’t get smooshed!)
  • Dried fruit like raisins, mangoes, or apricots with nuts and seeds to create a trail mix.

Savory Snacks

Sometimes you might crave the balance of savory with sweet, so having salty or umami-flavored snacks can be very satisfying on your travels. Many of these types of snacks come in plain (salted or unsalted) or other unique savory-seasoned flavors too!

  • Seeds: sunflower or pumpkin
  • Kale chips
  • Jerky (salmon, mushroom, tofu, beef)
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Seaweed snacks
  • Dehydrated veggie chips
  • Whole-grain crackers
  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels

Mini Snacks

When you need just a bite to hold you over, look for mini snacks that come in less than 100 calories. Small bites can be perfect when you need a little boost of energy or if a craving strikes.

  • LUNA® Minis provide the same LUNA experience but in a smaller size. At 90 calories, they come in our most popular craveable flavors — LemonZest or Chocolate Peppermint Stick.
  • A small piece of fruit like an apricot or tangerine is perfectly portioned for a smaller bite.
  • 1 oz box of raisins for an ideal snack-size portion.
  • A handful of nuts can be a perfect mini-snack. Keep portions in mind — 20 pistachios or 15 almonds are right at 100 calories or less.

Travel is more enjoyable and less stressful when you’ve planned ahead to have portable, nutritious, and delicious snacks on hand. Get creative with sweet, savory, and mini options so you can be prepared for long travel days and enjoy the journey!