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Reimagining Snack Time with Food Art

Who says you can’t play with your food? Getting creative with snack time can be a way to add a little imagination into your kid’s day. Making food art doesn’t mean you have to make Pinterest-perfect masterpieces - just have fun transforming a snack into an imagination creation!

Your kids can get creative with snack time too! Start with a base like toast or tortillas, lay out ingredients for them to choose from, and let their imaginations run wild!

Here is some of our favorite snack time food art!

Toast with animal faces and Zbar Chocolate Brownie

Paw-sitively Scrumptious

We love these cute critter toasts, and there’s no limit on how many different animal faces you could create! Use spreads like hazelnut chocolate or cream cheese to make face marking, fresh fruit for eyes and ears, and pretzel sticks for whiskers.

Play it By Ear

Bell peppers become the ears, nose and mustache, while egg and olive eyes bring this sandwich to life!

What a Hoot

Snack time is owl-fully fun with rice crackers, peanut butter, and banana. Add an almond beak and raisins or chocolate chips for eyes!

Fiesta Time

Fresh veggies to top a quesadilla make snack time a party. Sliced purple cabbage is perfect for crazy hair, and cherry tomato cheeks brighten up a face.

We want to see the imagination creations you and your kids come up with! Post a photo to social and tag @CLIFKid on Instagram or Facebook!