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Tips & Tricks

Backpacking Meals and Snacks

Whether you'll be gone for one night or one week, we're dishing out all of the info you need to make your next backpacking trip feel like a walk in the park.

What To Eat Before A Workout

Eating and hydrating before activity can delay fatigue and help you feel great. A tired athlete won't perform well and may lose power, strength, and speed during a workout. Check out our tips and tricks to ensure a successful workout.

What To Eat Before Running

What to eat before a run is highly individualized based on physiological differences, food tolerances, and personal preferences. We have science-backed guidance to help you prepare for your next run and perform at your best.

Fuel For The Traveling Athlete

Here's how @iamlshauntay fuels and trains as a traveling athlete

Preparing For Adventures

@urbanclimber always has a few CLIF Bars in the bag to help fuel her stoke when training for her next adventure