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Professional Skier

Caroline Gleich

Seattle, WA

Caroline started skiing at the age of two, and now this professional big mountain skier, originally from Minnesota, is based out of Park City. After moving to Utah at 15, she began her childhood dream of becoming a pro skier just after high school. Competing in a number of forms of comps (like skiercross and big mountain) she soon discovered that her favorite way to play is working on photo and video shoots in collaboration with ski and outdoor companies to help feed the stoke for all. These days she just LOVES skiing, from powder to chutes to backcountry to cliffs to jumps and mega drops.

What is the one thing you must take on your adventures?

If there's one piece of camping equipment I can't live without, it's my pee bottle. It's come with me on so many adventures, from bike packing from Maine to Vermont to the highest peak in the world. It gives me freedom to stay warm when I'm snow camping and helps me survive and thrive in cold, uncomfortable places.

What have the mountains taught you?

When I was 15, I lost my half-brother in an avalanche. When I was 28, I lost my best friend to an avalanche. Losing friends in the mountains has made me hyper-aware of the risks of mountaineering and diligent about continuing to improve my mountain education. It's also made me push myself to celebrate their lives and carry on the lessons they taught me.

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Caroline by the Numbers

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