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Clif Bar Family Foundation

As our company has grown, so has our giving.

Established in 2006, Clif Bar Family Foundation today supports hundreds of innovative small and mid-sized nonprofits working to strengthen our food system and communities, enhance public health, and safeguard our environment and natural resources.

Mirroring Clif Bar & Company’s grassroots approach to engaging consumers, Clif Bar Family Foundation funds grassroots nonprofits that may otherwise go unfunded. It provides much-needed general support that nonprofits can use for a wide range of purposes at their discretion. It also offers consulting grants to provide nonprofits with funding for outside specialists in areas such as law, strategic planning, accounting, marketing and web development.

Clif Bar Family Foundation’s first initiative, Seed Matters®, is committed to improving organic seed, the critical first link in our food chain. Launched in 2009, Seed Matters has awarded more than $1 million to the conservation of seeds’ genetic diversity; promotion of farmers’ roles and rights as seed innovators; and the reinvigoration of public seed research and education. This commitment includes funding the first-ever Ph.D. fellowships in organic plant breeding.

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Photo: Farmer-Veteran Coalition - one of our featured Grantees

Photographer: Anne Hamersky