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CLIF CORP: Volunteer on Company Time

"Through the act of extending a hand—not just once in a while but as a regular part of life—we are changed as individuals and as a company.”

Kit Crawford, Owner and Co-CEO

At Clif Bar, Community is more than a nice idea—it’s one of our five bottom lines. We encourage our employees to volunteer, on company time, for nonprofits near-and-dear to their hearts. Every year we also close our Emeryville office for a day so we can all volunteer together, but it’s not as easy for folks in our bakeries working around the clock to make our bars. How can they set up a company-wide volunteer day?

From the start, employees in our Indiana and Idaho bakeries began integrating this CLIF CORPS tradition in their own ways. During Indiana’s first-ever company-wide project, more than 200 people volunteered a total of 562 hours to benefit the Million Meal Movement.

“Initially we thought we would only be able to pack 60,000 meals in 24 hours,” said Indy’s General Manager Dave T. “but in the end, we packed 104,328.”

Turns out they were just warming up. A couple years later, in 12 hours the Indy team packed over 125,000 meals. And to date? Over 500,000.

Clif employees in Idaho also put heart and soul into their company-wide volunteer service. In one day, 200 folks planted 2000 trees. Clifsters have teamed up repeatedly with the local Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to support environmental restoration on public land. When the Mammoth Cave fire burned nearly 50,000 acres, 170 Clif volunteers helped to speed-up recovery by hand-planting tens of thousands of sagebrush seedlings.

“I can’t think of a better group of dedicated, like-minded employees to partner with to accomplish this important work on public land,” said Mike C., Twin Falls District Manager of the BLM. “I see great things in our future.”

So far, folks at our Indianapolis and Twin Falls bakeries have volunteered more than 29,000 hours for nonprofits they love—and we’re just getting started!