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Employee Profile: Jonatan, Helpdesk Technician

Name: Jonatan

Title: Helpdesk Technician

Hire Date: 8/2017

How would you describe what you do to someone who knows nothing about Clif Bar or your role?

My first day at Clif felt like a dream. You look around and see people on skateboards going to a meeting, you can smell Kali’s kitchen from your desk cooking delicious organic meals. Shorts and flip flops are not looked down on. I told myself I am home. I finally found a place I can be myself.

What do you love most about working at Clif Bar?

The People. When I came to Clif I was looking for a work family. I hit the jackpot! I work at a place that my family is proud off. We help the community, our environment and have fun at work.

What are your interests and passions outside of work?

I love cooking, gardening, construction, and carpentry. Working at Clif I can use all my skills, for example building a ramp at a park in San Francisco at a Company Community service day. There is no better feeling than to see something built for our community.

What is one of your most memorable food experiences?

Working at our bakery in Twin Falls. There is a restaurant that sells the best BBQ ever. The spot is called Smokey Bone! I try to bring back food when I am in town. The beef ribs look like dinosaur bones.

What is one of your most memorable Holiday food experiences?

Christmas is the best. My mom cooks a big pot of posole (pork hominy soup). We have it with homemade punch (we call it ponche). Music is playing, everyone is having conversations, hugs everywhere, kids running around having fun. The smell of the food all through the house.

What is one of your most memorable Holiday memories?

This year we had our first turn at hosting for Thanksgiving. My wife and I cooked the dinner. I fried my first turkey. Now that I have experienced fried turkey I am not going back to baked. I loved seeing the whole family together having a great time at my house. It was amazing.

What has been or will be your greatest adventure?

My greatest adventure was riding my bike at our annual epiphany ride. I took a wrong turn. Not noticing I continued and kept going. I was getting a little worried because I could not see any of my Clif peeps. I started to go downhill. It was fun, but it was making me nervous because I would have to paddle back up… When I saw a driveway I finally decided to stop. I figured I was lost and now was the time to ask for help. I started to walk towards the driveway looking for a phone so I could call for someone to pick me up. As I was walking up, I saw the Clif Crew! They were able to “rescue” me and take me back! I have never been so happy and will always remember that day!