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John John Florence: Sharing the Honey

The professional surfer and filmmaker joins the CLIF family.

At 26-years-young, John John Florence has become a dominant force in surfing’s world scene. The Oahu North Shore native made his debut on the Men’s Championship Tour in 2011 at age 18. Five years later, he won the 2016 World Surf League World Championship, and repeated the win in 2017, becoming one of only five surfers to ever win their first two titles back-to-back.

A master in big waves, John John also won the 2016 Eddie Aikau Championship, and has won three Vans Triple Crown Championships. When he won the Triple Crown in 2011, he was just 18 and is the youngest winner to this day.

Competing at the highest levels of surfing, John John knows the importance of fueling properly. “I think about diet a lot,” he says. “[My diet] is always changing based on what I’m doing, competing, training, healing from an injury, etc.” He says his favorite CLIF product is the Chocolate Chunk With Sea Salt bar and that he tries to eat as many whole and organic foods as possible. “It makes me feel better, and I definitely notice a difference in my energy.”

Having grown up in Hawaii, John John started surfing at age two, and when he’s not ripping waves, he’s in the water body surfing and sailing. He has a deep-rooted love of the ocean — and for Mother Earth. He captures his awe of nature and appreciation for his surroundings by shooting photos and producing — and starring in — surf films, a passion that’s earned him a SURFER Poll Award for Best Performance and Movie of the Year (2011, A View from a Blue Moon).

Through movie production and competitions, John John’s surfed everywhere from Australia to Africa, Tahiti to Brazil. “I see a lot of ocean pollution in my travels, which has led me to focus on minimizing pollution in the world,” he says. “I’m passionate about creating less carbon emissions (and neutralizing the emissions I create). I’m also interested in getting rid of single-use plastics to the best of our ability.”

“And I’m learning more about how to use clean energy and about sustainable ways of growing food,” he says. Years ago, John John became interested in bees and harvesting honey; he now has a hive in his yard. “I hope to eventually have more hives to share honey with my family, friends, and community.”

John John uses his platform as one of the world’s best surfers and as a moviemaker to be a steward for the environment. “I hope to see bigger businesses find a more carbon-neutral approach to creating products — and a more efficient way to package their products.”

“Any product that I’m directly involved with, I try to figure out the best approach to avoid use of single-use plastic. I also try to ensure the products are healthy for the oceans.”

“I try my best to do what I think is right.”

We are thrilled to be teaming up with John John in his pursuits, both in the water and in his efforts to Make it Good. We have no doubt that his environmental advocacy fueled by a deeply instilled passion for Mother Nature — not to mention his otherworldly ability to shred waves — will see him doing great things. And we’re looking forward to helping John John “share the honey” of all things good — the use of less plastics, lower emissions, organic and sustainable farming, and more.

John John Florence Athlete Profile

Growing up on Oahu’s North Shore, professional surfer John John Florence has been immersed in the ocean his entire life.

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