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Play a Part in LUNAFEST 2022

LUNA is more than a bar. In 2001, LUNAFEST® was launched as the very first traveling film festival featuring films by and about women. For the past 21 years, LUNA has been committed to inspiring and advocating for change through LUNAFEST, Clif Bar & Company’s longest running impact program. This year, our lineup showcases eight short films that celebrate the human experience and we invite everyone to ‘play a part'.

Now in its 21st year on the road, LUNAFEST has celebrated the work of more than 170 filmmakers at 2,700 screenings nationwide—both live and virtual. Each year we highlight filmmakers that are breathtakingly individualistic. They dare to entertain new and challenging ideas about societal expectations of women and gender-nonconforming individuals and what it means to be healthy and whole today and tomorrow.

We believe that by sharing stories and amplifying diverse voices, we can challenge perceptions, spark conversations, and positively impact our communities.

LUNAFEST 2022 women watching films on couch

Play A Part

LUNAFEST is made possible by people. Filmmakers who use their talents to delve into untold stories. Hosts who sign up to screen our program across the country and donate the proceeds from their events. And audiences who show up with open minds and an appetite to be inspired.

LUNAFEST films are showcased at over 200 events each season creating impact through dollars raised and awareness built toward some of the most pressing issues facing society today. To date, LUNAFEST had raised over $6.5 million to directly benefit causes near and dear to an ever-growing network of grassroots volunteer organizations that have stepped up to host screenings.

Our motto this year is “play a part” — an invitation to be a part of something bigger. Whether you choose to join your local community for a scheduled screening or sign on to become a host yourself, do jump in — because we’re just getting started.

LUNAFEST in 2022

This season’s LUNAFEST lineup of eight ingenious filmmakers use every crayon in the box to color a world full of love, loss, hope, and wonder. Each artist beautifully depicts important aspects of modern life at a time when we’re all a little bit fragile, but also eager to treat ourselves to the healing power of art.

In a span of 80 minutes, the films take on themes of race, identity, loneliness, artistic bravery, the immigrant’s journey, entrepreneurial innovation, family ties, and the kindness of strangers. They are inventive and entertaining, and whether the goal is to make you laugh or make you think — or both — each of them manages to bring the impact of a feature film to bear in mere minutes. The voices collected here range from journalists to artists, activists, and change agents from all walks of life, including young film school graduates testing the waters and industry veterans testing boundaries. Taken together, these diverse perspectives provide a snapshot of life in the 2020s; and with their collective power, it’s a time we will someday look back on as a transformative era.

To peek into stories that need to be told, that haven’t been told before. Something about short films gets into your soul—filmmakers are forced to tell a story briefly, and it makes you want to learn more about it later.” – Kit Crawford, Clif Bar & Company Owner and Board Member

The Films & Filmmakers

For the full details on this year’s lineup, visit

Support Women in Film

We are immensely proud of the range of talent on display in this year’s selections. We’re excited to share these artists’ visions with the world — and as there is no art without an audience, we’d like to extend an open-ended and open-hearted invitation to you as well: What part will you play?

There are three ways you can get involved:

  1. Host a LUNAFEST screening and raise money for your favorite causes.
  2. Attend a live or virtual LUNAFEST screening and help support causes in your community.
  3. Submit a film for consideration for the next LUNAFEST.