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Mountain Biking

Hans Rey

Laguna Beach, CA

Hans Rey is considered a living legend amongst mountain bikers worldwide. He is a former Trials Biking World Champion and is by many considered the pioneer of the Freeride movement. Besides his days as a competitor he made himself a name for his trials-show and PR stunts which he has performed all over the world at many different occasions, including the 1996 Olympic Games Closing Ceremonies. Hans might be the most published mountain biker ever, he has graced the cover of over 300 magazines and has been sponsored by GT Bicycles since the beginning of this pro rider career in 1987.

What is your favorite way to give back?

I started my charity Wheels 4 Life together with my wife Carmen, 13 years ago. We give bicycles to people in need of transportation in Developing Countries.

What does "Freeride" mean?

Hans pioneered the freeride movement and coined the term 'Flow Country Trail', which is a flow trail that is never steep, never extreme and never dangerous. Hans embraces ebikes, although he hasn't given up on his regular bikes. Ride On.

Hans by the Numbers

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