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Professional Obstacle Course Racer

Rose Wetzel

Seattle, WA

Rose Wetzel brings her fun, passionate, and positive personality to one of the most grueling and demanding sports in the world. Currently ranked the #1 female in the Spartan Race point series and a two-time American Ninja Warrior finalist, she began her journey in Track & Field, winning two state championships in the 800m and becoming a Junior All-American at Georgetown University. In 2013, she ran her first ever obstacle race and blazed a trail ever since — it’s this combination of new challenges, as well as the community of passionate, driven athletes, that inspires Rose to set new heights.

My Hero:

Malala Yousafzai, an activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize winner. She had the courage to stand up for what she truly believed despite her incredible obstacles.

Proudest moment:

I have a lot of athletic accomplishments, but I’m most proud when I choose to work through negative feelings and choose to live a joyful life. It takes work and a lot of self-awareness to choose to forgive someone instead of continuing to be mad. But those moments when I choose the higher ground is when I’m most proud of myself and that’s something I can work on my entire life.

Rose by the numbers

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USA Track & Field Club National Champion
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