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Professional Surfer

Zoë McDougall

Haleiwa, (Sunset Pt. ) Oahu, HI

Where I have been fortunate enough to grow up on the North Shore surfing is a way of life. Both my parents are surfers and had me start surfing at 4 years old. I always have been obsessed with surfing and knew that I wanted to be a professional surfer from day one. I have always loved competing, I sis my first contest at 6 years old and fell in love with competition. I started traveling internationally for professional competitive events when I was 14. I am currently on the WSL QS tour with a goal to soon qualify for the championship tour and compete for a world title. I love all aspects of surfing, I grew up in Hawaii, the birthplace of surfing, which has the most powerful swells in the world so I have always been comfortable in larger waves, but I also love high performance small wave surfing. In my opinion surfing is more than just a sport, competition makes it a sport, but surfing is a art form much like dancing and it is very special because each person has their own style. Along with surfing I love to free dive, hike with my dog, cross-train, and do art work. I also enjoy baking, and learning weird animal facts! I love to find and read about animals I have never heard about. I am passionate about protecting our planet and raising awareness about how we can help!

What motivates you?

The never ending challenge of constantly learning and improving in my sport, and bettering my skills. Chasing the best waves also motivates me, constantly chasing that rush of feeling like you just had the best wave of your life!

What is a hidden talent that you have?

Free Diving and Cave diving. I love it. I can hold my breath for a while, my personal best is just over 5 minutes. It is a great thing to do on the north shore in the summer time when there is no waves and it double as great training to prepare me to hold my breath in the winter!

What has influenced your athlete journey?

The North Shore, my home, is one of the most famous places in the world for surfing. We have world renowned waves like Pipeline, Sunset, Waimea. We also have he worlds best surfers from here, I grew up with people like John John Florence down the street and the Ho family next door, not to mention every other pro surfer migrating here for the winter season. The elementary school I went to, Sunset Beach Elementary, Used to let us cross the street at lunch time with out class to watch the Triple Crown events. All I dreamed of growing up was being on tour and traveling the world and being involved with great companies like CLIF Bar. Now I get to travel to events with my big sister/neighbor/bestfriend/and favorite surfer Coco Ho who I looked up to my whole life! I am constantly having to pinch myself and think of how I am living 8 year old Zoe's dream because of the support and inspiration of everyone in my hometown!

Zoë by the Numbers


5 QS Events


Hawaii Regional Jr Pro Championship


US Open Championship 2018