Clif and POW say “NOW”

At Clif Bar & Company, we’ve always prided ourselves on demonstrating corporate responsibility by addressing our climate crisis—and what a massive crisis that’s become.

We’re grateful that, twenty years ago, we began a partnership with professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones. Not only is Jones a pioneer in his sport, he’s a passionate and effective activist who is constantly creating new ways to effect change for the benefit of our climate, which desperately needs our help. In 2007, Jones created the non-profit Protect Our Winters (POW), because, he says, “I was seeing changes to snow coinciding with what scientists were saying. I realized, as an outdoor community and industry, our livelihoods, industries, and ways of life were in jeopardy and I had to do something to help us come together to fight climate change.”

Jones adds, “Whether you’re a farmer, a hunter, like to fish, ski, mountain bike, trail run, at POW, we’re trying to connect the mission to the places you love. That’s what’s at stake. It’s not some pie in the sky.”

We at Clif Bar have been a proud partner of POW since the beginning. “We’re honored to support the growing movement of passionate athletes and people who love the outdoors in raising a ruckus for climate action,” says Elysa Hammond, Vice President of Environmental Stewardship at Clif Bar & Company. “Together, let’s unite our voices and cast our votes for a future with clean air, healthy forests, and snow-covered mountain tops.”

POW and “Purple Mountains”

Protect Our Winters addresses climate change by turning passionate outdoorspeople into effective climate advocates. All outdoorspeople can engage on climate. In fact, there are over 53 million Americans who identify themselves as climbers, skiers/snowboarders, trail runners or mountain bikers, and by turning their passion into purpose, this “Outdoor State” can be the difference. POW hopes to provide the education and resources for the outdoor community to make informed decisions regarding the environment, to pledge to vote, and to join forces.

With POW’s mission behind him and the upcoming election at stake, Jones recently set out to find common ground with other outdoorspeople across diverse political backgrounds. The outcome is his film—his personal manifesto—called, “Purple Mountains”.

“The film is my journey to understand why we are so divided on climate change,” says Jones. “It’s clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet for future generations. Why is that such a polarizing thought?”

The film will be released online and on a digital tour at universities, in particular, with virtual Q&A’s with Jones following select viewings.

“Ideally, people see the film, share the film, and at the end of the day it inspires them to step up in this critical election and help not only themselves get out to vote, but make sure their friends and family get out to vote,” says Jones. “Depending on where you and they live, these races can come down to a couple thousand votes. Get out there and help elect these climate champions.”

Future generations are depending on us to be environmental stewards and take action.

No Time To Waste

POW is working to get the 53 million Americans in the “Outdoor State” to vote this November. Recent research from the Knight Foundation and Making Young Voters shows that many people don't vote—not because they’re disinterested in politics, but because the voting process is too daunting and complicated.

To remove this barrier, POW is partnering with outdoor brands—such as Clif Bar—to distribute the Make A Plan to Vote tool and connected Absentee Ballot Tool to millions of consumers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The climate needs us this November. POW and Clif Bar want everyone in our communities to make a personal plan to vote, and get their friends to make a plan as well. This free tool will check your registration status, help you apply to vote-by-mail, or give you the details of your polling location if you plan to vote in person— all customized to your state and county. And leading up to voting day, you’ll get email reminders to make sure that you got the job done.

“For democracy to work, it requires participation,” says Jones. “It doesn’t work without full participation. The biggest party is the did-not-vote party. It’s almost as big as the Democratic and Republican Parties.”

“At POW,” says Jones, “our mission is that we’re a bipartisan group working for the environment.”

Clean air, clean water, a healthy planet. Who doesn’t want that?

Made your plan to vote and want to get more involved with POW? Follow us on Instagram @protectourwinters, and head to our Take Action page to learn more about our current campaigns, access our virtual volunteer training, attend an event, and more!

Jeremy Jones Athlete Profile

Jeremy Jones goes big. He’s ridden some of the most technical, treacherous mountains ever accessed, and is known as the pioneer of backcountry snowboarding.

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