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Downhill MTB

Ethan Shandro

North Vancouver, BC

I am an energetic person who is always on the move, hungry for food, and constantly thinking about riding my bike, surfing, or going skiing. My perfect day consists of a morning surf, followed by an acai bowl and then riding and digging until it gets dark out, and finishing it all off with an amazing home cooked meal.

What have you learned from your setbacks?

Over the past 12 months I have suffered from a concussion which has sidelined me from doing the things I love, but throughout his process I have learned the importance of accepting failure and using it to flourish in sport and life.

When did you learn your love of cycling?

I am born and raised on the North Shore of Vancouver which has shaped my life as a cyclist and outdoor enthusiast.

What hidden talent do you have?

Eating fast and playing Boggle.

Ethan by the Numbers


National Downhill Champion


Crankworx Canadian Champion


Tacos Eaten at One Time