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Professional Triathlete

Linsey Corbin

Bend, OR

I am a professional triathlete living in Bend, Oregon with my fly-fishing husband, Chris & our golden retriever, Chimmy. I focus on long-course (Ironman) racing and I am an 8x IM Champion. I have competed at the Ironman World Championship 13x, notching top USA honors as well as x5 top-10 finishes. I studied exercise science in college, I bake a mean pie, and when I am not swimming, biking or running I enjoy crossword puzzles, adventures outside, traveling to new places and attempting to learn new things.

Where did you discover your love of road biking?

My first exposure to road riding was that I went on a bike tour with my parents riding across the state of Washington and that was my first experience on a road bike. It was so empowering getting from point A to point B each day with my own body and on two wheels. I climbed mountain passes, descended at full speed, saw lakes, valleys, and farmland. I loved that I was able to uses my physical abilities to see things that many people only see from a car or plane window. After that trip I felt the urge to try a new challenge in my life and I signed up for a triathlon. I grew up as a runner, I now knew how to ride a bike, all I had to do was learn how to swim!

What gets you back on the training road every day?

In 2015 I broke my femur (no small feat) and I thought the world was going to end. Having the one thing (being an athlete) that gets you out of bed every day - taken from you - was a real awakening for me. Since returning to full health in 2016 I now have a massive appreciation for my health, the ability to use my physical talents, and the opportunities that have been presented to me. I hope to never waste a moment and get the absolute most of myself as having these abilities is a true gift.

Linsey by the Numbers

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