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Gravel Cyclist

Peter Stetina

Santa Rosa, CA

Pete was born and bred in the cycling mecca of Boulder, Colorado, and grew up riding dirt. Now living in NorCal, he spent the last decade racing the World Tour. After dabbling in some alternative racing in 2019, he left behind the glamour of the World Tour in pursuit of the Gravel Grindin' dream. Pete loves his IPAs (in fact he has a namesake beer with his face on the can!), and while the jury's out on the professionalism of a recovery beer, Pete insists there's room for both.

In 2015 your shattered your leg, how did you not retire?

When I shattered my leg in 2015, most team managers and the public wrote off my career. Doctors said amputation was a possibility. I decided I was still a pro athlete and my training was now rehab instead of bike intervals; I treated it as my full time job. The recovery pushed the limits of sanity and what my PT considered safe, but I returned to racing 3 months later walking with a cane and salvaged my career. I completed the TdF 15 months later.

Are you a Californian or Coloradan?

I'm a CO kid at heart. In 2011 I moved to Sonoma County, CA. I love wine country but missed the mtn lifestyle. In 2014 I did some altitude training in Tahoe and it was everything I missed about CO but with the lake lifestyle added. I't became my happy place and I bought a cabin up there where I base myself out of for my most important race preparations.

Peter by the Numbers

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Shattered Knee and Leg
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