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Professional Gymnast

Sunisa "Suni" Lee

St. Paul, Minnesota

Hi, I'm Suni! I'm nineteen years old and won the All-Around Gold Medal in gymnastics at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I'm in my Sophomore year at Auburn University, where I compete at the collegiate level in gymnastics, too. When I'm not in the gym, I enjoy journaling, shopping, taking walks outside, and being with family and friends. I am a huge fashion lover and working on building out my sneaker collection! I'm also extremely passionate about representation in sports, ensuring that young girls grow up seeing a diverse portfolio of role models that look like them as they grow up in a sport.

Do you have any rituals that you do before you compete?

I go over my key words (words that I've journaled in preparation for my meet), listen to music, and do the mental choreography in my head to prepare.

What is a hidden talent?

I (think) I can sing!

Which Clif Bar aspiration do you connect with?

Sustaining Our People. I think strong relationships and support in both your personal and professional life are so incredibly important to success.

Help our consumers get to know you. Funny story or interesting fact, and how it applies to you and your athlete journey.

One of my Elite coaches and my college coach are twin brothers!

I am a proud Hmong American, and am 1 of 6 siblings. Family is everything to me and I was so proud to represent the Hmong community on a worldwide stage at the Olympics.

Sunisa by the Numbers

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