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Professional Climber

Timmy O'Neill

Boulder, CO

Timmy O’Neill is a self proclaimed “lover of life”. It’s not hard to see why when you realize just how he has completely surrendered to the bliss that the gift of life has provided him. He’s chosen to spend that life on top of mountains, in rivers, on beaches, in oceans. He’s chosen to spend life in front of laughing audiences and behind a rocking drum kit. A polymath with endless gifts and talents, Timmy is a rare gem of a human being. An accomplished comedian, musician, and outdoorsman, Timmy is equally at home summiting some of the world’s most techinical climbs as he is embracing the often daunting internal journey of self-realization. Did we mention that Timmy, along with his late climbing partner Dean Potter, was the first to connect three grade VI climbs in Yosemite Valley in a 24-hour period and has established first ascents on famous big walls around the world? Did we mention Timmy is a world-class kayaker with multiple first descents? Or did we mention that he is Co-founder of Paradox Sports, a non-profit dedicated to providing people with physical disabilities the opportunity to pursue and be successful at any and all human powered sports? Timmy O’Neill lives to change lives and share his unconditional love for adventure with everyone.

Proudest Moment:

One of my most difficult and audacious climbing days was climbing three Grade VI big wall in Yosemite National Park in a 24 hour period. We started on the 2,000 ft northwest face of Half Dome, then a run over over to the east face of Mount Watkins, 2,000 ft then ran out to the road and drove down to El Capitan to climb the 3,000 ft Nose route. One of my best moments of community work is the release the 175 page, Paradox Sports Adaptive Climbing manual.

Other Passions:

Climbing and adventuring are through lines that connect me to new ideas, places and especially new people in my life. The inherent nature of problem solving within climbing, whitewater kayaking and the other elective adventure sports I participate in makes me more able to help others and deal with conventional problems and adaptive needs. So on that note, I participate in my community with mentoring children, and assist both friends and strangers in their needs on an immediate level - if something needs to be done/solved I am available.

Timmy by the Numbers

"Humanitarian Badass" Award 2016
Years Climbing