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Think Like A Tree

We’re working to reduce our environmental footprint in everything we do, from the field to the final product. We describe our vision for sustainable food production like this:

Our food will be made with sustainable, organic ingredients; baked with clean, renewable energy; packed in environmentally friendly packaging; and delivered by transportation that doesn’t pollute.

We’ve made significant strides on our sustainability journey, but there’s more work to be done. And while that original vision still guides us, today we think about it in simpler terms: Let’s create a business that thinks like a tree.

Trees run on 100 percent renewable energy, recycle all waste, and sustain and improve the places they grow. Think like a tree is more than a metaphor—it’s a model for thinking sustainably. Nature has a lot to teach us.

To learn more about how we’ve been transforming our model of the tree into real business practices, visit our Planet Aspiration Page.