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Professional Triathlete

Sarah Piampiano

San Rafael, CA

American pro triathlete Sarah Piampiano is the embodiment of positive transformation. Once a two pack-a-day smoker who worked 80-hour weeks in the finance industry, a simple bet set her on the course to becoming one of the fastest rising stars in non-drafting racing. This top-10 IRONMAN World Championship finisher and three-time IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans champion has her sights set on two things: becoming an IRONMAN world champion and helping others replace their bad habits for good through The Habit Project.

Greatest Inspiration:

No one person, but I am always inspired by challenged athletes. I am so amazed by how they look at life and how they are able to follow their dreams and race. Every time I see a challenged athlete cross the finish line, I am moved beyond words — they are my heroes.

What is The Habit Project:

This project was inspired by my own story of being unhealthy and unfit and how after some habit changes I eventually became a professional triathlete. Everyone has bad habits, and it comes down to lacking life balance, whether it’s a lack of balance with your nutrition, your fitness, your sleep habits or your stress—whatever the issue is it is often because of a series of bad habits. Sometimes the reason you never get anywhere is because you have a lack of motivation to make small positive changes And often times all it takes is one small event to trigger larger changes. So for me it took that one bet and doing that one race. From there my whole life and lifestyle changed. For someone else it might be just taking time to spend more time with friends, which can open new doors in many different ways.

Sarah by the Numbers

Ironman Champion
Fastest American Female Over the Ironman Distance (8:40:48)
70.3 Champion