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CLIF CORPS Unleashes the People Power of Clif Bar

When you volunteer, do you ever get an adrenaline rush? Do you sometimes feel you benefit as much from donating your skills, sweat or even money as the people you’re helping? We do at Clif Bar. That’s why we have CLIF® CORPS, our employee giving and engagement program that encourages us to support our communities in three ways: via service, funding, and food.

CLIF CORPS encourages our people to volunteer their services in the community during the workday on company time. In 2018, we volunteered more than 20,600 hours—doing everything from delivering meals to restoring community gardens to holding a homemade pie auction for the benefit of local schools.

CLIF CORPS also prepares our people to volunteer in the community after retiring from Clif Bar. Our Re-Ternship program annually enables one to three older employees on the cusp of retirement to leave their jobs and intern for up to nine months with our Community team, earning salary and benefits along with mentoring to prepare for a post-Clif Bar place in the nonprofit world. The Re-Ternship embodies our desire to support the “whole person” at Clif Bar throughout their career, from day care for their young children to preparation for a fulfilling retirement.

When it comes to fiscal support, Clif Bar & Company matches employee cash donations to nonprofits up to $2,000 per year. In terms of food, we encourage each employee to donate up to 2,000 of our bars annually to nonprofits of their choice. We call it “Bars for Good.”

“CLIF CORPS is our way of acknowledging that Clif Bar’s—and really any—company’s greatest asset to its community is its people,” said Thao Pham, vice president of community at Clif Bar & Company. “It’s a way to harness what all of us innately want to do. It’s really quite magical."