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The Ingredients: What makes a CLIFster?

To us, the journey has always been more important than the destination. HOW we get things done is as important as WHAT gets done. So a bunch of us got together and created a list of Ingredients to inspire the best HOW we know how. Here they are:

CREATE: Extraordinary products, experiences, solutions, and ideas

  • Anticipate and understand the needs of our consumers, customers, suppliers and community
  • Envision something better
  • Be curious and ask open-ended questions
  • Elicit ideas from others
  • Take informed risks
  • See old problems in new ways
  • Be adaptable - learn rapidly and eagerly

INSPIRE: Greater success across all aspirations

  • Generate excitement in others through your words and actions
  • Show a commitment to Clif Bar’s values and aspirations
  • Lead by example
  • Think beyond yourself
  • Identify and rally others around a shared vision
  • Look for ways to infl­uence situations positively
  • Celebrate success - honor contributions

CONNECT: Through positive and respectful interaction

  • Relate to others with empathy and compassion
  • Be inclusive and genuine in your communication
  • Listen actively and respond thoughtfully
  • Be intentional, prepared and attentive to your audience
  • Be open to receiving and honest in giving feedback
  • Be engaged - give your full attention
  • Keep an open mind and assume positive intent

OWN IT! Take responsibility for your actions, behaviors and contributions

  • Set goals, communicate progress and deliver results
  • Engage the appropriate people and resources needed
  • Own your part, accept challenges and create solutions
  • Make decisions, take action and be accountable
  • See it through to completion, learn, and challenge yourself to do it better the next time
  • Understand the impact of your action or inaction on others
  • Acknowledge and learn from your mistakes and move forward
  • Keep all the ingredients in mind as you take action

BE YOURSELF: Bring your best self to work each day

  • Don’t check your values or your personality at the door
  • Develop a level of self awareness, recognizing both strengths and self development areas
  • Demonstrate humility and know there is always more to learn
  • Respect each others values
  • Respond appropriately
  • Balance work with fun and the spirit of play
  • Take yourself lightly and your work seriously
  • Keep it real